Banh Quoc Tuan


Banh Quoc Tuan

バン クォック トゥアン

Join Us !!

"Good morning - Good afternoon - Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen ^^ XIN CHÀO!!! Tôi là người Việt Nam. My name is Banh Quoc Tuan. I come from Vietnam. I graduated from Nagaoka University of Technology, where to me, it is known as the SNOW land of Japan. I started working for Sevensix Inc. as a technical engineer since 2014. I love this company, I love my colleague because of a very simple thing: WE ARE TEAM MATE - WE ARE FAMILY ^^ I like futsal, I like ASAHI SUPER DRY. If you also like it, I will come and become your friend ^0^. Lets enjoy it. Sevensix Inc. will expand the business to Vietnam market and I am happy to be involved in this project. I strongly believe that we can give a hand to develop the optical society in Vietnam for R&D, as well as for the industry. You are more than welcome to join us - let us go for Vietnam ^^ Wish you all the best & Thank you very much."